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My mission is to help you discover your style and express it through your interiors.

From Inspiration to Reality

About me:

I’m Anna Urban, an experienced interior designer with a passion for transforming spaces into harmonious, timeless and balanced environments. With over half decade of expertise in mid to high-end residential interior design, my journey has been enriched by a diverse artistic background.

My professional journey commenced with a degree in Fashion Design, where I cultivated a profound appreciation for aesthetics and craftsmanship. In tandem with my interior design career, I've passionately pursued painting and crafting illustrations, catering to discerning private collectors and bespoke commissions alike. This artistic grounding imbues every interior project I take on with a distinctive creative essence and a profound ability for visual storytelling. 

My work has been recognized in Ideal Home Magazine in category Best Bathroom Makeover, underscoring my commitment to excellence and innovation. As a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), I uphold industry standards while pushing the boundaries of design possibilities.

Beyond my professional achievements, I am also a social media content creator at Mesmerize Garden, where I continue to explore and share my passion for design and aesthetics. This platform allows me to stay connected with global trends and inspire clients with fresh perspectives.

My mission is to create timeless elegance and inspired living. I always look forward to bringing concept vision to life with creativity, harmony, and a touch of artistry.

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